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Compatibility List



Pods can be used with a variety of single serve pod coffee makers including: Senseo, Bunn, Melitta, Grindmaster, Hamilton Beach, My Invento and Cuisinart. The pods do vary in size so please use the chart below to make sure they are compatible with your brewer.

*Please note that ESE pods will only work in ESE espresso machines.

Grams Per Pod are as Follows:

Aloha Island: 9-12 grams
Baronet ESE – 7 grams (45mm)
Baronet Monster pods: 12 grams
Baronet: 8-12 grams
Black Mountain Gold: 9 grams
Cafejo: 9 grams
Dallmayr: 7 grams
Emeril's: 9 grams
Fratello: 10 grams
Godiva: 7 grams
Java One tea - 4 grams
Java One: 9 grams
Lavazza ESE – 7 grams (45mm)
Lavazza: 8 grams
Melitta Tea – 4 grams
Melitta: 9.5 - 9.7 grams
Organza tea – 4 grams
Reunion Island: 9.5– 11 grams
Senseo Tea – 4 grams
Senseo: 7 grams
Solera tea: 4 grams
Timothy's: 9-11 grams
Wolfgang Puck: 10 grams

**All pods vary between 55 – 61 mm**
**All ESE pods are 45 mm**

Pod Machines and Compatibility:

Bunn My Cafe Pod Brewer:
Fits all pods between 4 - 12 grams

Cuisinart Pod Brewer:
Fits all pods between 4 - 12 grams

Grindmaster O-pod & G-pod Machines:
Fits all pods between 4 - 12 grams

Hamilton Beach Brewer
fits all pods between 4 - 10 grams

Gevalia Pod Brewer
fits all pods between 8 - 10 grams
Krups1010 Pod Brewer:
Fits all pods between 4 - 12 grams

Melitta Pod Brewer:
Fits all pods between 4 - 10 grams

Senseo Pod Brewer:
Fits all pods between 4 - 10 grams

My Invento Brewer
fits all pods between 4 10 grams


K-Cups are specifically made for all Keurig Brewers.
Models include: Keurig Mini, Keurig B40, Keurig B50, Keurig B65, Keurig B60, Office Pro, and the Keurig B70 Brewers.


T-Discs are made specifically for the use in all Tassimo home Brewers.
Models include all Bosh & Braun machines.

Dolce Gusto:

Capsules are made only for the use of the Dolce Gusto Machine.

Kosher K-Cups & Symbols:

Celestial Seasonings (star K)
Coffee People (KSA)
Diedrich (KSA)
Emerils (KSA)
Gloria Jeans (KSA)
Green Mountain (KSA)
Timothy's (KSA)
Tully's (K)

Kosher Pods & Symbols:

Baronet (KVH)
Black Mountain (KVH)
Melitta (OU)
Reunion Island (COR)
Timothy's (KSA)
Java One
Wolfgang Puck
Nestle Waters

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