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Discontinued K-Cup Portion Packs



    In a letter from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, we learned today that 23 Keurig K-Cup SKUs/products will be discontinued froom production as soon as August 1, 2011. Green Mountain claims removing these products from their line-up will eliminate redunfancies and allow the roaster to offer a more consistent supply.

As of August 1, 2011, the following Keurig K-Cups will no longer be in production, and are now available in limited supply.



Suggested Raplacement(s)

Bigelow I Love Lemon Tea CS Lemon Zinger Tea
  Orange & Spice Tea CS Mandarin Orange Spice Tea
  Organic Green Tea Bigelow Green Tea w/ Pomegranate
    CS Authentic Green Tea
Caribou Sumatra Caribou Mahogany
    GMC FTO Sumatran Reserve EB
Celestial Seasonings Victorian Earl Grey Tea CS English Breakfast Tea
Coffee People Bold Variety Pack N/A
  Decaf. French Roast GMC Dark Magic Decaf. EB
    Tully's Decaf. French Roast
  French Roast Tully's French Roast
  Organic  Tully's French Roast
    GMC Dark Magic EB
  Wake Up Call Tully's French Roast
    GMC Dark Magic EB
Diedrich Colombian GMC FT Colombian
  Diedrich Variety Pack GMC Regular Variety Pack
  French Roast GMC Lake & Lodge
    Tully's French Roast
Gloria Jean's Cappuccino GJ Mudslide
    GMC Caramel Vanilla Cream
  Flavored Variety Pack GMC Flavored Variety Pack
  Hazelnut Decaf. GMC Hazelnut Decaf.
  Swiss Chocolate Almond GMC Mocha Nut Fudge
    GJ Mudslide
Green Mountain French Roast Decaf. GMC Vermont Country Blend Decaf.
    GMC Dark Magic Decaf. EB
  FTO Espresso EB GMC Dark Magic EB
  Rainforest Nut N/A
  Extra Bold Variety Pack N/A
Timothy's Caramel Vanilla Nut Timothy's French Vanilla
    GMC Caramel Vanilla Cream
  Private Blend Timothy's Breakfast Blend
    GMC FT Our Blend
    GMC Donut House Coffee

CS - Celestial Seasoning
GJ - Gloria Jean's
GMC - Green Mountain Coffee
FT - Fair Trade
FTO - Fair Trade Organic