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Discover Lavazza Blue


 High quality Italian engineering. Limited to espresso and tea capsules. Large selection of espressos available by the case. Technologically advanced espresso brewer.

European Excellence One Cup at a Time

Lavazza BLUE, is a system for savoring an excellent Italian espresso, anywhere.

More than a century of unconditional passion for coffee has given rise to a cutting-edge system that offers people who truly appreciate excellence the chance for an espresso that is perfect in every aspect. The ideal espresso for espresso maniacs. Even at home.
Lavazza BLUE - Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso- is the formula behind an exclusive system composed of a machine and quick and easy - to - use capsules, which time after time will reward you with the pleasure of a professionally prepared espresso.

How Does it Work?

Everything about Lavazza BLUE spells style and practicality: From the water tank, to the used pod container, the LED displays and the steam pipe.

Positions your cup, insert the pod and turn the handle: the world of flavour in a Lavazza BLUE espresso awaits.
Blue Is Quality

Lavazza has always worked with extremely high - quality standards during each step in producing the blendes, from selecting the beans through to packaging. Lavazza BLUE is the ultimate result of a process perfected through over a century of experience and passion for coffee.

This process originates all the way from the plateaus of Latin America, Brazil, Central America and Indonesia. From the harvesting centres the beans move to the
processing phase, which will determine the various types of coffee.

They will then undergo various roasting cycles, specially determined by Lavazza in order to enhance the body and sweetness of the all the BLUE blends.

Finally, the beans are ground and
packaged. This is how the Lavazza BLUE single - serving capsules are produced full and chocolaty in the "Robusta", and more delicate and fragrant notes in the "Arabica". The unmistakable aroma of a consistently perfect espresso is guaranteed.
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