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Home or Office: The Difference


At Keurig, we are often asked “what is the difference between your office/commercial brewers and your home brewers…can’t I use a home brewer in an office for example?”  Following please find Keurig’s guidance on this subject.

Keurig manufactures both Commercial and At Home gourmet single cup coffee brewing systems.
  Our brewers are designed and produced to safety standards appropriate for their intended use.  Like most appliance manufacturers, we submit our products for rigorous testing by Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL) in order to receive the appropriate UL approval.  UL provides many ratings, but the most common are “UL Approved for Commercial Use” and “UL Approved for Household Use”.

Keurig strongly recommends that offices use UL Commercial rated coffee brewing equipment—and not UL Household rated products

Products with Commercial Use certification are intended for use in commercial or industrial establishments and are intended for higher cyclical usage.  Therefore, commercial rated appliances must be able to accommodate the broad range of electrical service environments that can be experienced in commercial buildings.  For example, power spikes from use of other equipment in a building can subject an appliance to high voltage spikes, and commercially rated appliances must be able to withstand such voltage spikes.  Home rated appliances, however, are not designed to accommodate a wide range of electrical environments because the home environment is relatively stable from an electrical environment stand point.

Because the commercial rating requires a more robust appliance it does not mean an appliance rated for commercial use is safe for home use.  The two UL standards in question;   UL 197 “Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances” and UL 1082 “Household Electric Coffee Makers and Brewing Type Appliances” are mutually exclusive.  Household use has some restrictive requirements not found in the commercial standards and vice versa.  Power cord types, appliance portability, material flame ratings, and component certifications are areas where the two standards differ.

Due to the differences in intended use and design between our UL Commercial Use brewers and our UL Household Use brewers, Keurig does not honor warranties on products used outside of the UL authorized certification. This means, for instance, that a household use certified product used in a commercial setting is not covered under our warranty.

The insurance industry also recognizes the difference in products intended for offices and homes.  You may be at risk if you knowingly use a product intended for the home in an office environment.   We encourage you to check with your insurance provider.

Bottom line…..if you are brewing Keurig coffee in an office…please use a UL Commercial rated Keurig brewer.

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